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What is tele-intervention?

Tele-intervention (TI) allows patients to receive services through a video connection. Clients sign into a no-cost video conference site and connecting with a service provider at Utah State University (USU).

a teleintervention session, a mom with her baby the focus

Who can utilize tele-intervention?

The TI program at USU is for children and adults of all ages, including:

Why is intervention needed after receiving cochlear implants or hearing aids?

After receiving cochlear implants or hearing aids, the brain must learn a new way of listening to make sense of the sounds being heard.

a teleintervention session, the teleinterventionist the focus

What are the benefits of tele-intervention?

Are the services as beneficial as face-to-face services?

Research shows TI services offer equal or greater benefits than face-to-face services.

a teleintervention session, the teleinterventionist the focus

Do I need special equipment to sign up for tele-intervention?

All you need is a computer or a tablet device with a camera and access to the internet (internet service with minimum of 2.0 Mbps upload speed is preferred for optimal signal).

Contact/ Additional Info

Please contact us for additional information and details.

Tele-Intervention contact: Cass Parker, M.Ed., LSLS Cert. AVEd
Tele-Intervention Specialist | Teacher of the Deaf
Phone: 801-520-7393