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Infant & Toddler Programs

a toddler focusing on a learning project

Family-Centered Birth-to-Three Program

The Birth-to-Three Program is a family-centered service for families of children from birth to three years of age. The focus of the Birth-to-Three Program is to help families learn communication strategies with their child. This includes teaching parents to increase their child’s awareness to sound, to attend to sounds in the environment, and to develop the early communication skills that will lay a foundation for speech and language. An early intervention provider trained in developing listening and spoken language meets with families once a week either in the child’s home or in the Sound Beginnings program facility on the USU campus.

Parent-Child Toddler and Transition Group

The Toddler Group is a parent-child class for children between 18 months and 30 months of age. The class meets twice a week for 2 hour sessions and is filled with fun and interactive age-appropriate listening and language-intensive experiences for parents and children. Parents have an opportunity to meet and interact with other parents of toddlers with hearing loss to establish an additional network of friendship and support. Most children who participate in the Toddler Group also continue to participate in the Birth-to-3 Program.

When a child is around 30 months of age, they will receive transition support to create a bridge between Birth to Three services and the Preschool setting. During this transition time children will have opportunities to interact with other children with more independence. Parents will also be able to observe their children in a classroom setting, receive information about educational transitions and resources, and develop a support network of families in this same timeframe.