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Audiology Services

a baby girl, her mother, and an audiologist testing the girl's hearing

Listening and spoken language programs require that a child’s hearing device is in good working order at all times. Full-time use of appropriate amplification by every child is a priority in all Sound Beginnings programs. Therefore, an important aspect of the program is the availability of an on-site audiologist. The audiologist routinely monitors each child’s hearing level and device function to ensure optimal auditory input and to assist families in the maintenance of their child’s device by troubleshooting and making adjustments as appropriate.

The Pediatric Audiology Clinic provides services to the community as well as the students enrolled in the Sound Beginnings program. For children who are enrolled in Sound Beginnings (birth through Kindergarten) and reside in Cache, Box Elder, or Rich counties, routine hearing evaluations, hearing aid checks, and cochlear implant services are provided at no charge to families. For children who reside in other areas or are school-age, the Pediatric Audiology Clinic can bill most insurance companies, including Medicaid. However, no child will be denied diagnostic audiological services because of limited or no insurance coverage; a sliding fee is available.

The audiologist can assist parents in determining repairs that are needed and whether they are covered under the device manufacturer warranty. For cochlear implants, major device repairs or replacements often must be coordinated with the device manufacturer.

Parents are financially responsible for any required repairs that are not covered under warranty, as well as the purchase of new devices, earmolds, batteries, personal FM systems, parts replacements, or any similar item related technology.

Please contact the office manager, Wendy Thompson, at (435) 797-9234 to schedule an appointment.